When she was twelve years old, a wind came to visit the depths of her brain, a lighted wind that stole away her most precious quality- ignorance. No longer were words shut out, the only trace of them their rhythm  like the pitter patter of rain on a tin roof. No, now the roof had been removed and the droplets of rain hit her, leaving bruises in her ears. And, eventually, the weights if the water filled her so much it weighed her down, each droplet if water another straw placed on the camel’s back.

One day the dam cracked, and so slowly the words poisonous meaning changed her, bit by bit, so gradually that she wondered if this new state was how it and always been. The dam drained itself, infiltrating her, diluting her once pure intentions towards herself.

Slowly she began to flood with feelings she could no longer hold back, past memories churned in her, turning to anger and sadness and wishes never fulfilled; wishes for an unwinding clock, impossible wishes.

But then, right when she was almost pushed to the brink, when the top of her water-glass was filled, she found the dam had no more water to force upon her. Suddenly there was a overwhelming feeling of numbness, like toes stuck in snow, a body in an icy pool. And she could not decide whether this was good or not, since she was unable to feel. But, if there was room for want in the pool of nothingness, it would have been the want for warmth to melt away the barriers between her and her heart.

*Hey there. I know this isn’t up to par with what I usually would post, but I felt like I needed to write something so here it is. Thanks:)*


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A teenage girl who doesn't say OMG or LOL. I like Trader Joes scones, NYC, and writing. Check out my blog at:
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7 Responses to Winds

  1. journeyman1977 says:

    It’s up to par…:) It’s from your heart so don’t stifle it. Have a great day, Sarah

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