Airplane Man

I met an old man sitting on the airplane
On the way to another nowhere
The arrival time had been decided
Another way to work to be united
By the little strings that keep us all from home

And we all took our places on the set
And we heard the lights flash
Saw the pavement drenched
It was all just a scene change
That’s what they said
So we all tumbled to pieces and we went

They all said fly
as we rose to the ground
They all wrung their hands
as we saw the source of the sound
They all wondered why
We never agreed to be found
If you knew the price of fate
You’d see why we came unwound

About thesarahsector

A teenage girl who doesn't say OMG or LOL. I like Trader Joes scones, NYC, and writing. Check out my blog at:
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