Karma Calling

*My first attempt at something like lyrics…oh well*

Talking trash in bathroom stalls
Lipstick prints; tile on the walls
Pillowy lips part for the latest scandal
You love the spotlight so you’ll burn a candle

Little words come seeping through
The ventilation in the room
And we all know it’s safe to assume
Your just a bottle blonde puppeteer

You can’t stand not being in the limelight
So you scatter your life until it fits you right
Another day is just a gateway
To the secrets you hide throughout night

The bubbles popped, mascara falling
The phones for you, it’s karma calling

About thesarahsector

A teenage girl who doesn't say OMG or LOL. I like Trader Joes scones, NYC, and writing. Check out my blog at: thesarahsector.wordpress.com
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3 Responses to Karma Calling

  1. longtooth77 says:

    love it!! woo hoo

  2. longtooth77 says:

    just re-read it….you are on to something here!!

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