Playing Cards

We sit in our little bottle of memories, throwing words like shooting stars, flaming meanings encased in easy metaphors. Phrases passed back and forth, each of us telling our own carefully fabricated truths to unravel the other’s. It’s all flourescent lights and streaked linoleum floors around us, a familiar backdrop for the last scene of our never-ending play.

It’s a little to universal, a little too cliché, so we’ll keep our little conversations to ourselves until the tables turn and the chips are pushed to the middle of the table. Another game of luck, something like destiny and that thing you like to call fate. You’ve torched enough of your bridges to gain a reputation, and I’ve always been blind in one eye.

Playing cards corners curl as the white turns to black and liquid fire turns the paper edges to little anthills of ashes. Again and again, until all that remains is the king of hearts and the queen of spades

About thesarahsector

A teenage girl who doesn't say OMG or LOL. I like Trader Joes scones, NYC, and writing. Check out my blog at:
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9 Responses to Playing Cards

  1. longtooth says:

    uh….Sarah? ……………………………WOW. I’m here with an open mouth and rubbing my jaw after having read this.

  2. Copyrighting? O.o That’s like serious stuff. Thanks, I’ll definitley look into that:)
    Haha I couldn’t survive without writing, no worries there:)

  3. longtooth says:

    it is serious stuff, Sarah…this stuff’s dynamite. I’m off to bed. Been beaten by some little low life in Chicago for the last 2 hours on xbox. Go talk to your dad ok?

  4. al2895 says:

    This is pure genius. The simplicity, the imagery… I’ve shared your blog with many of my friends and we all agree that you ARE author material. Please never stop.

  5. “Flaming meanings encased in easy metaphors” <— I love that
    Keep up the writing girl.

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