Welcome to The Sarah Sector, a blog about yours truely, Sarah. Well….

*dun dun dun dun dun dun* Just a small town girl…livin in a lonely wor-rld, she took the midnight train go-in an-yy–wherrree!

A small town girl? Not really, I live in my corner of upper middle class suburbia, and I’m not lonely. Just to put some more emphasis on that: I Am Not Lonely. So you can stop sending me emails about singles over 50 in my area. Let’s make his clear: I am 15, and I have no idea how you got my email adress. Thankyou.

I’ve been reading for as long as I can remember, and writing for quite a while. In third grade I wrote a twenty page ‘novel’ about cowboys and indians which I was pretty proud of it at the time. Thankfully, my writing has imporved enough for me to be accepted into a college’s writing workshop for the next few summers, so don’t worry about any cheesey cowboy-indian showdowns any time soon :p.

I have dark blonde hair, green eyes, and a sarcastic sense of humor. I am the last of a dieing breed- the smart blonde girls. Donate today to my charity to help smart blondes in midwestern america- namely, me :p. I am one of the few democrats left in my suburb. I’m not kidding, in our county literally no democrats ran for any county elections this year because they knew there wasn’t a chance.

Some teachers love me, some teachers hate me. I particuarlly white old man (suprise, he was a republican) who was my social studies teacher once called me a communist. When I joked that I put the red in red white and blue, he did not smile. Not even a little bit. His big vein just throbbed.

As for dreams, I want to live in NYC or London. I’ve been to Germany a few times to visit family, and oh my god the food was amazing. Like, better than Trader Joes. No poduct placement, I swear. I assure you, my blog does not get enough veiws for that kind of stuff. I think I am rambling.

Thank you for reading all the way down this all most 400 word about page, and I hope you’ll like The Sarah Sector. You have just earned 5o Sarah Sector Rewards Points :).

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20 Responses to About

  1. journeyman1977 says:

    The throbbing vein republican professor sounds like quite the character 🙂 More power to you, Sarah

  2. I love German food. You ever been around Christmas time? It’s food heaven then. I always come back about 20 pounds heavier.

    • No, I’ve only been during summer:(. but I really want to go to the Christkindlesmarkt in Nuremberg, I’ve heard it’s amazing. The food there is amazing though. In the states we have Aldi and Ikea though, which is good:)

      • Oh I’ve been there! Food is amaaaaaaazing, and the markets are really pretty. You can get really nice decorations and such too.

      • Ya, my dad lived in germany until he was in his twenties so all of our christmas ornaments are german, straw stars and wooden angels:). Even in England the food is better than here. You have Pom Bears, right? We have overcooked oily Lays.

      • We do indeed have pombears, haha they’re the favourite in this household! Along with wotsits. I wasn’t sure if Lays are the American branch of Walkers, I always wonder because the symbol is really similar…
        You guys do have Reese’s though. And they’re AWESOME.

      • Walkers is owned by the same company as Lays but they’re different. I’m obsessed with some british bands (no, not one direction), have you heard of Chapters the band? With Stefan Abingdon:)?

      • Hmm I haven’t, I’ll look into them. What kinda music do they play? I tend to get lost in all the American music that saturates the market right now…I love Adele and Ed Sheeran though…and The Cranberries though they’re Irish I think…

      • They’re like if The Killers met Green Day met Ed Sheeran. Check out Sticks and stones, the acoustic version. They’re amazing:). The lead singer is also part of The Midnight Beast, which is a lot more popular and a lot more, er, rude. But I still love them:)

      • I will do, thanks for the tip!

  3. Sarah, thank you for stopping and liking a post. There is nothing wrong with being considered a communist. Always consider the source. Two of my favourite authors, Thomas Merton and Parker Palmer, referred to Jesus as a communist. It made sense to me and I felt in good company when people refer to me as radical.

    Take care,


  4. I have that Journey song as my ringtone. Nice to meet you!

  5. samssocial says:

    You seem cool. Look forward to reading more :o)

  6. heysarah95 says:

    Hi there! I don’t know if you remember but about a month ago, you wished me happy birthday on my site? Hahaha, I never did get the chance to thank you for that so THANK YOUUUUU! ❤ by the way, your blog is so beautiful! you totally have the wisdom of a 87 year old! (my granny is the wisest woman I know :D)
    Hahah, it'd be nice to get to know someone else named Sarah! ^^

  7. heysarah95 says:

    Hey, i’m not sure if you remember me but you wished me a happy birthday about a month ago? Hahah, I didnt really get the chance to thank you back so THANK YOUUUUUU! ❤
    by the way, your blog is sooooooo beautiful! Your words, wow. Your wisdom could pass off for an 87 year old! (my granny is the wisest woman I know)
    Haha, it'd be nice to get to know someone else named Sarah! ^^
    (if you get this comment before, I had to post this again in case it didn't submit. My phone didn't get confirmation and since i'm new to commenting, I had to make sure. :X :D)

  8. “I put the red in red white and blue,” <—-You're a champ Sarah, well done. There is a very similar political situation where I live in Canada. As a liberal (and a blonde) I feel your pain. Loving your blog!

  9. mishaliparagjee says:

    Hey! Your posts are awesome!!! I love reading them.. I can’t stop and I really would be studying!! Can’t wait to read more!! Woop woop! X

  10. elisichi says:

    Heey. Where are you? You haven’t posted in so long and I really miss that. I absolutely adore your writing so please keep it up. Don’t leave us wanting more, give us more!!

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